The Christ And The Crucifixion


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No tradition has so intimately studied ‘Suffering’, wrestled with the banality of ‘Violence’, chosen the Cross, a regional instrument of torture and death as its very symbol, as Christianity.

Next time you are in Paris, spend an afternoon with the sculptors on the walls, inside and out, of Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Yes, we all know about the days of the Inquisition. But the long and noble tradition of Catholic Orders to choose lives of Service to the Suffering, regardless of affiliation or faith, is probably unmatched in any other religion.

Just as a Miracle is the three-dimensional exhibit of Absurdity , Conflict and its extreme form, Violence, is the three-dimensional roll-out of Contradiction.

Why crucify Jesus, a particularly gruesome form of execution? The Religious-Elders needed to offer some credible explanation that would keep the Faithful in Belief. This of course can get very complicated.

While declaring that ‘Jesus is of one substance with the Father’, the Father is simultaneously given the responsibility for crucifying his Son for sins committed by a faltering flock. A flock no less a creation of the same Father.

But the suffering of the  Crucifixion is quickly followed by the Resurrection and entry into ‘Eternal Life’ where our stories converge once again.

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