Bamian: God’s Rule Book


At the other end of the hall diametrically opposite the corner held by the Mystics stand the lovers of Jurisprudence, the setting-forth of Commandments and Laws. Men presiding daily over an all-male congregation in communal prayer.

Laws are the other extreme from the loop of the absurd. And the luminaries of the profession are those who can authoritatively interpret cryptic dictum and mystical saying for everyday common use as Law.

Compare the words of the Shahadah or the Fana al-Fana of Sufism with such scholastic interpretation of the Hadith: ‘Every man must wear a beard and may trim it with scissor, but not razor’.

The dynamiting of the 1,500 year old Buddha carvings at Bamian [March, 2001], the largest in the world, by no-less than Abdul Wali, the Taliban Minister for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, was a demented enforcement of the decree of Namelessness, of ‘No-re-presentation’, in a literal interpretation of the Koran as God’s Rule Book.