The Short-Stop At ‘Religion’


From the Diamond Sūtra:

Moreover, the Tathagata has no formulated teaching to enunciate. Wherefore? Because the Tathagata has said that truth is uncontainable and inexpressible. It neither is nor is it not. Thus it is that this unformulated Principle is the foundation of the different systems of all the sages.’

Unformulated Principle?’ Formulation is the essence of Principle. Is that a Self-Negating Expression sneaking through?

Foundation of the different systems of all the sages‘?

In other words, Religion [from Re-Ligaire: ‘to bind back’]. Religion in every shape and form. Man-Made Gods, Heavens and Hells, a modeled-reduction necessitated by a cleaving, a stopping-short of Shūnyam.

In its widest interpretation, from the traditional and the organized to the transient and the trivial, Religion births on a presumption, the beginning presumption, that of a cleaved and Separated ‘Self’,

I’ll get to the modern one’s in later Posts: Marxism, Liberal Humanism and the rest [I particularly look-forward to Post-Modernism..]. But I’ll briefly cover the traditional one’s first. And their origin in the short-stop of a man-made ‘God’ [if you can give it a feature, the slightest aspect, you have a man-made ‘God’].

In particular, its highest version, the nearest short-stop. Instead of arriving at ‘I am ‘True Nothing’ the short-stop declares: ‘I am ‘God”.

‘God’ itself, or as close as you can get to it: Son of ‘God’; Prophet of ‘God’; Messenger of ‘God’; ‘God-Realized’ Guru, and so on.