Round The Circle, Call The Bluff

‘Hey! 30 years on the Mat and not even a spot of shamanic-power? A short bolt of ecstasy? A minor miracle or two? ‘Peace of Mind’?’

Alighting on Shūnyam won’t make you rich, famous or even better-looking.

The trek is not for the intellectual tourist or the levitating mystic. The View doesn’t come easy and it doesn’t come quick. Hold-on to your day-job if you are not sure.

A diatribe, a rant against Men and Women who talk the Line before themselves rounding the Loop.

Shūnyam does not lead you up the mountain or into a cave. And there is nothing in the Human Condition however exalted, enchanting, muddled, banal or depraved that is not intimate with it.

Shūnyam doesn’t disengage you from the World. Rather, it frees you up to be unrestrained in your fury and your foolishness.