The Sophisticate’s Short-Stop


Shūnyam is not a thing, is not a process, is not a thought, is not a feeling. There is nothing outside the domain of Shūnyam.

From the sober language of the earliest Sūtric texts to the mystical poetry of the Aṣṭāvakra, a repeated affix to ‘True Nothing’ is as: ‘It neither ‘Is’ nor ‘Is Not’. If you lunge towards either one you will end up back in a modelled construct.

A modeled-understanding is erected in its most abstract form upon: ‘Is and Is-Not’ and can be reduced to its mounting pillars and the presumptions that bolt them to the ground.

Give it the slightest tag, [‘Always Is’-for example], you will settle for ‘True Nothing’ as ‘Being’. ‘Is’ is the highest abstraction possible of a named ‘Object’.

The single most frequent confounding across the world’s religious literature is the conceptualization and reification of ‘True Nothing’ as ‘Being’. And this is where the most intellectually sophisticated investigators say: ‘Stop! No further!’

It’s a millimeter short of Shūnyam. But in this business you miss by a millimeter, you miss by a mile.

‘Being’, like ‘Thought’ and ‘Voice’ [Language] is very, very close to our skin. A claim to ‘Being’ in any of its variants is ultimately a claim to a ‘Self’.

But precisely because of its nearness to our skin it is that much more difficult to give workable examples [like say ‘Consciousness’]. The best that can be done is to give a list of excerpts from famous fellow- travelers that may convince you of what I am talking about.

It is nearly impossible to find two events that are perfectly uncorrelated in Nature. But would you like the privilege of being uniquely ‘Independent’? Give yourself a grant of immovable ‘Being’. You will show a correlation with all things as Zero.

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