Does God Exist?


‘Does God exist?’, the indispensable question of every thinking Man and Woman is premature and presumptuous.  The proper question, prior, proximate, more modest in its reach is: ‘Does Man exist?’

‘God’ is a very man-made idea; as is ‘Man’. And you will keep making-up Man-Made Gods [and Demons] until you are done with Man.

You never, ever seek the presence of ‘God’. The entire length of that road is littered with the wreck of broken bodies. You always and only seek to confirm the presence or absence of ‘Man’.

However exalted, supplicant, dismissive or derisory your views on ‘God’, it is best to hold your tongue. You first answer the question: ‘Is there a ‘Me’?’ before going on to the big one.

The Lady doesn’t need you to confirm Her presence, thank you very much. She merely asks that you verify yours first.

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