The Parmenides


Zeno, the favorite of Parmenides [‘Venerable and Awful’], a pioneer of the logico-mathematical paradox, describes his new treatise to Socrates:

It is…a defense of Parmenides against those who make fun of his ideas…this book is a retort against those who assert a Plurality…pays them back in the same coin with something to spare. For it shows that on a thorough examination, their own supposition that there is a Plurality leads to even more absurd consequences than the Hypothesis of ‘The One’.’

From Plato’s: The Parmenides.


The Parmenides is considered the most difficult of the Dialogues. That is because Parmenides, uniquely among his peers, was alert to the Self-Loop, and to which his modern interpreters are conspicuously innocent.

This and all other excerpts from Plato’s Dialogues are from the Hamilton and Cairns, Princeton, ’61 Edition.