The Meticulous Farce


‘Art is a Lie that reveals the Truth’. So said Pablo Picasso. Did he really say that? I have no idea. But I like the picture.

When was the last time you heard someone shout out his window: ‘Listen here, Ya’ll! Here I am, an Independent and Separated Self!’

Does Sheila go to bed every night feeling complete knowing that she is an Independent and Separated Self?

What about the horsemen of the Argentinian Pampas? The resourceful pygmies of the African Congo? The smart men with their Hermes ties in the canyons of Wall Street?

The idea is ludicrous. Most people, except for those afflicted with the philosophical disease, men and women who spend a good deal of time in their heads, even think about it. If they ever do, it’s a cursory glance.

They don’t think about it; but for all practical purposes, they live and die in a world built on that presumption. The presumption of an ‘Independent and Separated ‘Self”.

A Modeled World; a representation, not the Real McCoy.


See: ‘Method and Model