The Upside-Down Test


In the Upside-Down Test, we invite a confrontation with this claim to an Independent and Separated ‘Self’.

We firmly assume its presence and exaggerate its consequence. We insist that we are possessed of an active, alert, independent and separate, observing Subject. We unleash it, let it run. And see if it survives or implodes.

It’s so simple, it’s embarrassing. I wish I could make it more sophisticated [and I’ve tried] but haven’t found any other way.


‘Why don’t we simply unleash ‘Scientific Method’? That always works’.

Unfortunately we can’t unleash ‘Scientific Method’ with its glorious record of success, on the question: ‘Is there a ‘Me”?, because ‘Scientific Method’ already presumes a ‘Me’ in its method.

The intuition behind the the ‘Upside-Down Test’ is rooted, not just in the Via Negativa, but in the Induction Principle and rules of formal Hypothesis-Testing.

See: ‘The Laws of Science

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