The First Axiom Of Sight


Step into your bathroom. Turn on the lights. Wipe mirror with a damp cloth. Look.

Do you see your eye? Of Course you do. But what you don’t see is the source of your vision.

In fact, what you see in the mirror cannot be the source of your vision. In fact, it can be anything but the source of your vision.

Your source of vision may never see itself. It may only see that which is different from it.

Subject must be different from Object for Object to be seen as Object. This is the First Axiom of Sight.


Bathroom mirrors are best left on the bathroom wall. Here’s a portable version. If you are scratching your forefinger with your forefinger, either what is scratching is not your forefinger, or else, what is being scratched is not your forefinger. The Forefinger-Scratch Rule.