The Cliff’s Edge


Liebniz, Kant and Descartes [we’ll meet Descartes later but he said the same thing: see ‘Descartes’ Letter’]. Here are three of the masons that laid the intellectual foundations of the Modern Understanding.

And they placed their First Principles inside a very curious loop. An: ‘Innate, Inner, Intimate, Immediate Awareness; a Self-Consciousness’. A consciousness, conscious of itself’.

They went far, further than most, much further than their contemporaries. All the way to the cliffs-edge. They looked down. Then they turned around and walked back home.


You have just murdered both your parents and your lawyer is making the case that since you are now an orphan you deserve the court’s sympathy.

And furthermore you are mentally-insane. So he calls in an expert-witness, a brilliant professor from a local university, a national luminary, in fact.

‘Sanity’ the professor judiciously declares ‘ is ‘Reflective Consciousness’. An ability to be conscious that you are conscious. And that is what tells a person what is right and what is wrong.’ [You remember the M’naghten Rule, don’t you?]

And since you are shortchanged on this essential endowment you cannot be held responsible. You need compassionate care for the emotional damage caused by witnessing your parents violent death.