The Symbol ‘0’: Definition


The Symbol ‘0’ is the original, the paradigmatic Self-Eating Expression. The effecting of the full self-scuttle with no remainder, the rounded circle.

The Symbol ‘0’ is a graphic visual expression for True Nothing , Absolute Absence. It is not to be confounded with the Concept of Nothing, the Idea of Absence, an altogether-different animal.

Its lingual analogue is the word Shūnyam.

It’s auditory analogue is the sound: ‘Silence!’ [You violate the silence in commanding: ‘Silence!’]

The analogue to the state of True Nothing is the state of Silence [Mounam: note the absence of exclamation mark].


Shūnyam, the formal Sanskrit for Śūnya in common-speak, etymologically originate in the notion of hollowness, of ’empty inside’. The  term ‘Empty’ as used in English translations of Shūnyam originates directly from the vocabulary of Classical Logic [as does the word ‘Form’ as used in the Heart Sutra].

A famous modern philosopher called Nothing: ‘A deep dark emptiness’. A ‘deep dark emptiness’ is not Nothing; it is simply a: ‘deep dark emptiness’.