The Symbol ‘0’: Event


Shūnyam’s most poetic articulation is in the core lines of the Hṛdaya Sūtra:

‘The Prajñāpāramithā mantra is said in this way: Om Gatheh! Gatheh! ParaGatheh! ParasamGatheh! Bodhi Svaha!’ [‘My understanding, released, soars, takes flight. I bow’.]

This is the proper sighting of Shūnyam expressed as event. In English it is summarily [if less poetically] translatable as:

The [Self-Scuttling] Sight-Insight [‘Observation-Understanding’] on the very  nature of Sight-Insight’.

[‘Observe/Understand’ being two of the features most fiercely grasped and guarded by the claimant to a reified Subject. See: Cogito Ergo Sum.]


Shūnyam is not to be confounded with Shūnyathā [‘Emptiness’], an attempted abstraction of the original term that takes birth when a verse meant as approach [‘Form is Emptiness..’] to the above [‘Gatheh..’] is settled at instead as final rendering.

The Heart [HṛdayaSūtra is not a summarized edition of the Diamond Sūtra and its tight, cryptic language read without reference to the latter can deal out enormous mischief.


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