The Symbol ‘0’: Location


The mathematician Pappus records Archimedes: ‘Give me a place to stand and [with a lever] I shall move the earth’. You don’t need to move the earth. But you do need to step back to True Nothing to see what’s going on.

The Self-Eating Expression is simply the formalization of the ‘Backward Step’, a guiding-rail that helps you navigate your way back to True Nothing. You get to True Nothing or stop short, depending on whether you are alert to the Self-Loop or asleep to it.

And it is properly unwound only in a sequential stepping-back, an ‘Infinite Regress’ seamlessly converging at True Nothing.

You will find True Nothing at the terminus of ‘The Backward Step’, behind all Object[s] confuted as Subject. And behind all interpreted adornments of Subject fabricated in intricate, diaphanous, reflexive loops, what we call ‘Self’.

As the name conspicuously reveals, there is no such thing as True Nothing. That you see some thing there is the speck in your vision.

Where you imagined a ‘Self’ as Subject there instead you will find True Nothing. 


If not yet fully convinced, you are at least ready to affirm that the burden of proof has irreversibly shifted. Also the nagging possibility, is there a Subject other than as confuted Object? You will not be able to answer that with any conviction until you get to True Nothing. See: ‘The Burden of Proof

For the historical evolution of the definition see: ‘Yagnavalkya’s Rule

Don’t run when you see the term: ‘Infinite Regress. See: ‘Infinity