The Symbol ‘0’: Silence


The declaration: ‘There is no Independent and Separated ‘Self” [A ‘SEE’] is the final sight-insight possible. Undeniable, irreducible, irreversible. Confirm it for yourself.

In counterpoint, the declarations: ‘There is this’ or ‘There is that’, arise in a stopping-short of  ShūnyamIn other words, the declarations are predicated on the presumption of an Independent and Separated ‘Self’ [See: ‘Method and Model‘].

At Shūnyam, and only at Shūnyam, is there neither necessity nor urge to posit an artificial ‘Object’ to partner a now confirmed absent Subject.

Are you still sneaking in ever more nuanced names and sophisticated abstractions, synthetic ‘Objects’ to match an absent ‘Subject’? It’s the oldest trick in the book to assure yourself that you are still around.

As long as that inquiry is not convincingly concluded you will keep reaching for a nameable ‘Object, keep repeating the cycle. Turn, get back on the ‘Backward Step’, sight True Nothing, test it again and repeatedly until your conviction settles.

Importantly, this arrival needs to be differentiated from an inability to articulate the nature of an ‘Object’ [as in ‘The One’, always in quotes]. Most declared termini are of this sort where a tortured, tortuous struggle at expression finally yields a wisp of mystical flake.

At Shūnyam, there is no such struggle. The need to strain for and name an ‘Object’ in the confirmed absence of a Subject simply isn’t there. This is the applying of the Silence. And it is the only reliable marker of having alighted on Shūnyam.

There is no Forward Terminus. There is only a Backward one. There is only the proper denouement of the Via Negativa. There is no ‘Via Positiva‘.


If you like the loose idioms of Religious Literature this is the: ‘Thous shalt not speak His Name’ [YHWH for Yahweh, among orthodox Jews, for example]. It, and its parallels in Christian theological texts, are copiously written about but rarely acted upon. Islam for example forbids it on pain of death in some instances.

You are of course free to talk without a break on how to properly peel a tomato [or write a Website?]. Just not about the Silence.


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