The Common Form


What is common between: ThatNirguṇa Brahman; ‘This Unformulated Principle’; Tao; ‘Mu’; ‘Sheer Potentiality’; ‘Namelessness’; The ‘One’…

They are all brazen, unapologetic self-contradictions. They consume themselves in the very act of displaying themselves.

They go after, undermine, take-down the Subject of the expression. They are Synthetic Self-Destroying devices.

Can’t we make this simpler, unify the intuition, come up with a general Logical Form that captures all of this in one go?

Around 500 BCE they finally got around to it.

They put-together the general form of the Self-Eating Expression. And they called it Shūnyam. 


I have another two dozen citations to lay out if you need more examples. It can get tedious. So I’ll sprinkle them over the course of the later Posts.

Get familiar, cozy, intimate with the Self-Eating Expression. More precisely, the Logical Form of the Self-Eating-Expression, the Logician’s worst nightmare.

What is ‘Logical Form’? ‘Bird is to Plane as Fish is to ?’ The relationship is called ‘Logical Form’ an expression less than a century old. In truth, there is no single right answer to what is suggested by the ?, all though Logicians will swear there is [it is the same reason why IQ tests measure the IQ of the Test-Designers more than the Test-Takers].

The ready intuition of the term ‘Logical Form’ found itself obfuscated once the scholars of Semantics and Syntax got their hands on it. [Nothing wrong with that, as long as they paid attention to the Self-Loop. I will get to some of the issues  after the Posts on the origins of Logic.]

It’s not the words, but the underlying structure the words that matters. So get to know this self-eating monster called SEE. Or else it will keep chewing at your ankles.

The only thing worth saying can only be said in the Logical Form of the Self-Eating-Expression. Only as a SEE can I say: ‘ There is no Me!’


Rounding Yagnavalkya’s Rule