When Socrates asks Parmenides to relate his own long journey, he first goes silent. Then:

‘I feel like the old race horse at Ibycus, who trembles at the start of the chariot race knowing from long experience what is in store for him.’

The View doesn’t come easy, and it doesn’t come quick. Hold-on to your day-job if you are not sure.

This could take awhile. A decade or two; more, if you hadn’t stumbled on this Site.


Don’t fault Shūnyam. The founding truth of the Via Negativa [which you will have to confirm for yourself] is that you don’t need to find anything new; it’s the mountain of rubbish in front of you that’s hiding what’s ‘always and already’ there for you to take.

A diatribe against every philosopher and every philosophy, every teacher and every teaching, every path; and every pilgrim.

A howl against those who lay a line, fan the fiction, before themselves rounding the Loop.

And a paean to Andersen’s little girl who cried: ‘But he hasn’t got anything on!’