Ramana Maharishi: ‘Swarupa’


Ramana Maharishi is by informed consent the most respected modern teacher of Vedantha:

The place [idam] where even the slightest trace of ‘I’ does not exist is Swarupa [one’s real nature]’.


Maharishi’s principal formula [which I shall get to later] draws directly from the Brihadaranyaka Upaniṣad while the Gaudapada Karika by its founder Acharya Gaudapada sets Advaitha Vedantha’s roots directly in the Prajñā Pāramitha literature in which he did his original schooling.

A common origin with Shūnyam. I’ll get to the Ajātivāda and Advaitha in later Posts. Maharishi, in his writings and talks was my first Mentor [and likely a distant if reluctant relative]. But I had to move on and find my way to Shūnyam.