‘Dying To Yourself’


Desire; Detachment; ‘Dying-to-Yourself’.

Drawing by E.W. Kemble from: 'The Tar-Baby', by Joel Chandler Harris, 1904A fatal loop must trip up the pilgrim who seriously wants to end it all.

Trying to negate myself is like taking on Uncle Remus’ ‘Tar-Baby’. The harder I try to negate myself the firmer I reinforce myself as Me.

Any attempt to nullify the ‘I’ using the ‘I’, befuddles, stupefies and ultimately immobilizes the ‘I’. [A state taken by the devout as further confirmation of divine oversight.]

I am happy to die as long as I can be alive to watch myself doing it.


The language of these saints can be formidably ambiguous. Although ‘Desire’ for worldly things is to be starkly and sternly abandoned, all ‘Divine Desire’, for Shiva or ‘God’ is in fact celebrated. That was the whole thrust of the Hindu Bhakthi tradition articulated in such classics as the Thiruvāchakam. 

Shūnyam is no less at home on the stands of the stock-exchange, the couches of a cathouse, as in an ashram or a cave.

And that’s the purport of the Self-Eating Expression. It takes care of both sides, will eject you from every pretense of piety, land you square on the flame.

The Perfection of Ignorance?

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