Violating the Silence


As far back as the early Upaniṣads, names proliferate: Subtle Essence; Imperceptible; Undecaying; Unattached; Unfetterred. Ubiquitous later proposals include Omniscient; Omnipresent, and so on. Human virtues are extrapolated to the limit: Compassionate, Kind, Merciful, Just [I have a long list but this can get tedious].

The more exalted your tag, the greater your pretense. Pick any theological text of any religion and be awed at the sweep of reckless excess.

‘Naming an ‘Object” isn’t just limited to conventional appellation. It is the need for any reference to it in the form of an adjective, an adverb, a mark, a feature, an aspect, a detail, a property, a characteristic, an analogue. Say something, anything, that violates the Silence and you will be sent back on the ‘Backward Step’.


Here is a short-list of words that have been used [and continue to be used] to mark the terminus. They are typically conceptualized reifications, premature photographs clicked in a stopping-short of Shūnyam.

‘The All’, Absence, Being, Co-Dependence, Consciousness, Emptiness, Essence, Existence, Form, Groundlessness, Impermanence, Infinity, Intelligence, Mentation, Mind, Knowing, ‘Not-Knowing’, ‘Not-True Nothing’, ‘No-Mind’, ‘No-Thought’, Nothingness, ‘Now-ness’, Presence, Self, Space, Unconscious, Unity, Void…

Less obviously, reference includes derivative states. This is the point of entry of expectations: to have arrived is to gain an imperturbable Equilibrium, an invulnerable ‘Peace of Mind’, an effortless spontaneity in Freedom, an unshakable ‘State of Grace’, of Compassion, Loving-Kindness, Goodwill, Joy and so on. I suggest you carefully put-aside all such rubbish before going forward.

It is not that these states are misleading. It is that the way they are written about and taught in contemporary settings is misleading. Authentic Compassion as an acquired virtue is and should be completely invisible. Else it reduces to a modeled calculation. [See: ‘Give Me Rumi’s ‘Beloved!‘!]

The Self-Scuttle has stopped-short; the Circle remains unrounded. The Orouboros has once again choked on its tail.

Then of course you have the entire library of terms used by the Religious chroniclers, the Priests and the Prophets, the various versions of a man-made, man-like God and the rules and rituals foisted upon those who subscribe to them. They have stopped half-way, are not even within earshot of the terminus. We will look at them across all formal religious traditions.

Then the new vocabularies of the [active and passive] Gods coming out of Universities, Research Houses and Scholarly publications. The ones who are just beginning the trek, waking-up to the contradictions and absurdities of conventional modeled views. That list is long. We take them in small-bites across the body of the Posts.