What’s Special about Shūnyam?


So what’s special about Shūnyam? Why is it different?

Here’s why: You don’t have to ‘Die to Yourself’. There simply is no ‘Independent and Separated Self’ there to die to.

This is the defining difference between Shūnyam and all other traditions, Dharmic, Abrahamic, or other.

[And by the time you see that, you would have died to yourself many times over. Much more than any routine ‘Dying to Yourself’. Not to worry.]

You don’t have to get to Shūnyam. You are already atop it.


There is no more perilous, prolonged and ludicrous investigative journey than a search for an absent ‘Self’ by an assumed ‘Self’.

The only thing more absurd, as in this Site, is to write about it.