It Takes A Fool


It takes a genius to answer: ‘Gravity makes the Apple fall’.

And a fool to ask: ‘Why does Gravity make the apple fall?’

Isaac Newton, wise, died a pious Catholic seeing no quarrel here between law, origin and purpose. [‘Space was the Sensorium of an omnipresent God’ was what he wrote to Leibniz, if I recall.]

‘That’s ancient stuff’ you say ‘It’s not Gravity; it’s Space-Time’.

‘Matter tells Space-Time how to curve, and curved Space-Time tells Matter how to move’. Nice. So who kicked the  ball first?

What was there before the ‘Big Bang’? And where did the Monkey come from that Man descends from?

The Physicist tells me that the visible part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum is about a third of one percent [Where did the Universe go?].

And ‘Real’ seems a dodgy idea to me if my visibility blanks out at 0.3 %. Or if a butterfly’s wing in Brazil can whip me up a tornado in Dakota.

So is the sky out there blue? Or is it right here, the electro-chemical rinse coursing along my neurons as I look?

If my body temperature changes by a measly 6 degrees F, I pass out. [I’m still looking for my ‘Consciousness’ in the rest of the range.]

What defends the ‘Conservation Principles’ of Physics which themselves underived from the laws of Physics, arbiter the entry of new principles into Physics?

What defends the Classes of Classical Logic which themselves underived from the laws of Logic, arbiter the grant of consistency in Logic?

And then we get these zingers: ‘The Cheetah is optimally designed to hunt Gazelle; and the Gazelle is ideally constructed to evade Cheetah.’

‘Ask the lady in the corner office’ says the Scientist. ‘These are questions above my pay-grade. Science is not designed to answer stuff like that’.