‘Spiritual Path’ Lite


The central intent of the Buddha-Dharma is to: ‘See Things As They Are’ [Sakshat]. And its principal means is ‘Detachment’ [Vairāgya]. And its primary practice, Formal Meditation [Dhyāna].

[The intent was high-minded; the actualization, a different story.]

The ‘Scientific Stance’ is an educated way of Seeing. A focused alertness, a cultivated ability to restrain prejudice and preference and irrelevance.

Science goes far; but it doesn’t go far enough. Approaching the terminus, it blinks, winks and looks away.

Science is ‘Spiritual Path‘; Lite.


It’s not just Science. All serious inquiry, knowingly or not, is on the ‘Spiritual Path’. We’ll see this again and again. The broad road-map is the same. [And it is not as vague or unmarked as the Mystics make it out to be.]