The Gentleman


If you were educated as a member of the Learned Class, you were educated in the ways of the religious order that provided you the education.

As in the Gnostic School, for example, a name cognate with the Sanskrit Gnana and the Latin root of the English word ‘Knowledge’. What Universities confusedly refer to today as ‘Higher Education’.

A Modern Liberal Education, wouldn’t you know, was originally conceived as culminating in this momentous achievement.

The beneficiary of a ‘Liberal Education’ in contrast to a technical one or a guild apprenticeship stood closer to the Truth. He was ‘liberated’ [Latin Liber, ‘Free’] from common blinders and conventional prejudices. A Liberal Education completed and displayed the Finished Man [Liberalis evolved to mean ‘Noble’].

A good [not to be confused with ‘Higher’] education gives you the confidence to systematically look your assumptions and beliefs in the eye. You do not stand educated just because you now know the difference between Fahrenheit and Centigrade.

The idea is long in the trash, and the Finished Man is now a Gentleman who can properly tie a Windsor-knot. But that was not the beginning idea.

[I’d still rather share a Table with a Gentleman.]

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