The Binary Code


This, they say, is the Age of Information. ‘Information’ is from the Latin: In form-atio. Knowledge which has: ‘taken form’, in other words, given name and dimension.

Wisdom may be inexpressible. But Information is eminently expressible. In fact, expressibility is what makes it ‘Information’.

A single line divides a page in two. It just takes one cut to separate a Dot and a Dash, to create the couple ‘0,1’, which together can express all Information.

But how did you decide on the First-Divide?

[The First Divide divides again and again using things that ‘Double’ that is, References, essentially signs and symbols, as explained in the coming Posts.]


The Information Age was begat in the Binary System of Number Representation.

The ability of the computer’s magnetic core to organize all information in hierarchical structures of dualistic-pairs in a coding of: ‘0,1’. ‘True: False’, as the Boolean Algebra folks like to say.

If you are sure that: ‘True; False’ is itself a ‘True’ distinction you are a convert, no longer an inquirer to its truth. You stand, already divided.

So, as the Zen-Man would say, what then is your Original-Face before you were born to Male and Female?

The conviction is complete; or it is not. You get the Binary Divide; or you don’t. Like the Nerds put it: ‘It’s a 0:1 thing’.

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