The Two-ness Template


The Subject:Object Divide again doesn’t originate in heaven but in the very terrestrial assumption of a Separated ‘Self’.

The uninvestigated presumption of the presence of a Separated Subject gives birth to a brat called ‘Two-ness’, its first and only child.

The appropriation is never just of a Subject. It is always of a ‘Subject-Object’ pair. It is always in a coupled state. The World takes shape in pairs.

Cut once; get two. A pair is the first and minimal unit of division, the elemental DNA of every man-made model. The Two-ness Template is the fundamental building block of all Models.

Once you grant it a self-evident truth, a string of irrefutable derivative extensions follow. And on this platform, all major Religions have erected their models of Divinity and Philosophy and Science, their altars of Truth.

This is the ancient metaphoric twosome of Purusha and Prakriti, loosely translatable as ‘Man and Nature’ or in folk-form, ‘Axle and Wheel’.

Subject and Object, Center and Circumference, True versus False, the Inner-Inviolate versus the Outer-Defiled, the Witness and the Witnessed, the Existent versus the Transient, Real versus Illusion, Achievement versus Shortfall. An immaculate, permanent, pure Heaven in contrast to a violated, transient, impure World.

And the Diva of all Divides: ‘I’ and ‘Not-I’. You have come full circle.

So is the Divide illusory? Is Division an error? Is Double the work of the devil? Of course not.

‘Accuracy and Error’ is itself a divide; as is ‘Real and Illusory’; as is ‘God and Devil’. And as are the very notions of Double and Divide.


The word: ‘Two’ has somehow managed to hold on to its clothes, keep its identity over the many centuries and continents it has crossed. I know of no other word quite like it: Dvi [Sanskrit]; Duo [Latin]; Dio [Greek]; Do [Persian]; Tvau [Norse]; Tvee [Dutch]; and you can guess ‘Zvei’ and, ‘Deux’.

‘Double’, a word cognate with Doubt, Duplicity and the Devil. The Duo in front of the Deity.

‘This Unformulated Principle’