Method And Model


‘Method’, said Immanuel Kant, ‘is Procedure according to Principle’. Methods of Inquiry that have immediate credibility to the modern-ear begin with the early Greek philosophers.

Inquiry must begin, they said, with the assertion of Axiom, the investigative analogue of the atom. [You can’t prove an Axiom. Bad idea. The idea of ‘proof’ itself is rooted in an Axiom. But people try all the time.]

But in most cases we have to settle for the Assumption. In a fogged-in world it is the reasonable man’s truth. We carry around a head-full, inherited, acquired, imposed And often our deepest convictions begin in the flimsiest of assumptions.

An Assumption unlike an Axiom, ranks way down on the conviction-meter. This is the world of Belief. You can believe, partially believe or disbelieve an idea. You can never be sure of how true it is. Beliefs go along with Assumptions; where you find one, you’ll find the other.

A good [not to be confused with ‘Higher’] education gives you the confidence to systematically look your Assumptions and Beliefs in the eye. And not because you can now locate Sudan on a map.

An understanding built on Assumptions and corresponding Beliefs is called a ‘Model’. Vyavaharasatya: A conventional and made-up interpretation of Self and World.

‘Model’ is the mental-world built on the beginning Assumption of an ‘Independent and Separated Observer, ‘Self’, Subject’.

A ‘Me’ with such things called ‘Assumptions’ stuffed inside my head. Sort of like socks in a drawer. It is the cascading plurality arisen from the first cleavage.

And a Model’s principle vehicle is the doubled referential world of Sign and Symbol as articulated in Language, Logic, Thought and other similar mediums conducive to referential traffic. [As are the Posts on this Site.]

All very well. Except that there is no ‘Me’ in the first place making assumptions about an ‘Independent and Separated ‘Me” carrying around assumptions in my head.

A ‘Model’ is a helpful pedagogic distinction that like all else needs to be abandoned [and it will happen by itself, not to worry] as you approach Shūnyam.

The only thing more absurd than the truth of Shūnyam is the pablum of Modeled-View.