You can Model all things in the world to your hearts content. That’s what contemporary education is about.

But you may not try and model Shūnyam. Don’t even try.

Shūnyam is not an idea. It is not a concept. It is not a belief. It does not mount on assumption. It does not birth in model. [See: ‘The Symbol ‘0’: Silence‘]

You cannot explore that which does not mount on assumptions nor suffer such modeled notions as ‘Independence’ and ‘Separation’, while standing on a platform, a beginning assumption, of ‘Independence and Separation’.

[No need to fudge your premises. No need to sneak your beliefs. The ‘Great Doubt’ is welcome here.]

Around 500 BCE when the Prajñāpāramithā literature was taking shape a new term was coined [or more precisely, an old term was resurrected and given a shine].

Paramārthasathya, literally: ‘The Truth of the Highest-Meaning’.

‘Meaning’, the way you interpret and understand yourself and the World, evolves, transforms, over the course of the trek and and there is little that remains of your beginning rations as you approach the terminus.

Your Models will evolve, change, as you approach Shūnyam. All the elaborate formulations that packed your library at the start will be gone. [See: ‘An Unquiet Desperation‘ and following Posts]

The greater the reality of your modeled, manufactured world, the further you are from Shūnyam. If you are looking for a metered-reading of your progress on the trek, this would be it.


In a dualistic grab, a counterpart was proposed to Paramārthasathya and extensively elaborated on, largely by the Madhyamaka School [Doctrine of ‘Emptiness’]. This was Vyavaharasathya [‘Conventional or Commoner’s Truth’], a Modeled-View in our terminology.

There are no ‘Two Truths’. There is only ‘One Truth’; and to even call it that is just another accommodation to a Modeled-Understanding.

There is no ‘Ultimate Truth’ in opposition [‘Screen’, to use the terminology of the literature] to Modeled Truth. There is no Paramarthasathya in counterpoint to Vyavaharasathya. A bifurcation that directly results from a stopping short of Shūnyam. [This ‘Two Truths’ business has done a lot of mischief, especially within the Tibetan Mahayana Schools.]