My Long Neurosis


'Nothing personal, Henry. I couldn't have said it better myself.'‘Ever since I can remember, I have had a need to explain myself. This is patently neurotic.

‘Never Complain, Never Explain’ advised Henry Ford II to a fresh-faced reporter, when caught in a drunken car accident with a woman beside him who was clearly not his wife.

Why Explain? And why explain my need to Explain?

Why, ‘Why?’?’

From the preface to the 2004, print edition [SRA].


In this tripped age where Reason is confounded with the Rational, the most insistent and socially-sanctified demand is for an ‘Explanation’.

Everyone wants one, feels obliged to ask for one, and deprived if denied one. [‘Why does my bottom hurt so, Mom?’ ‘Because I just spanked you, Darling!’]

‘Explanation’ is from the Latin Ex-planationem: ‘to make plain, to flatten [planus]. An ‘Explanation’ flattens things out so that they fit within a Modeled-View. Just like plaining a piece of irregular wood.

‘Oh! That makes sense!’. In other words, it falls in line, takes its assigned slot within the broad mix of paradigms, preferences, prejudices, conveniences and cultural cues that grant a view acceptance, and when tightly in conformance, applause.

When you say: ‘That explanation makes sense!’, it means it tucks nicely into your backpack, logically fits [i.e., ‘is consistent’] within the umbrella of Convention, views widely accepted as valid. And the base of this umbrella is the assumption of a Separated ‘Self’.