The Concept of Nothing


There is True Nothing. And then there is the ‘Concept of Nothing’. And unlike with True Nothing, you can say a lot of things about the Concept of Nothing.

How do you know when a conceptualized reification of True Nothing is taking place? The simplest and surest test is to see if any attribute, feature or ‘property’ has been assigned to it. And this is not difficult to judge.

Mathematicians for example, like playing with signs and for them the Self-Eating Symbol ‘0’ is where positive and negative meet in clean, marked border. As in [1>0>-1]. And to do so is to give ‘0’ a ‘property’. The symbol ‘0’ is now no longer a reference to True Nothing’ but to the Concept of Nothing.

This conceptualization and reification of True Nothing then leads on to various Numbering-Systems [Binary, Decimal, Sexagesimal et al]. And from there to the subject we now know as Arithmetic.


See: ‘No Abiding Place!

Explicitly, ‘Nothing’ [as is Infinity] is undefined but effectively and routinely it is treated as an implicitly defined creature.

For the Mathematically inclined, see Guiseppe Peano’s [1858-1932] pioneering work: ‘First Primitive idea and Proposition’ on the origins of Arithmetic, and his ‘Axioms of Natural Numbers’.