‘True Everything’: Radical Inclusion


In looking for ‘True Nothing’, you must remember to exclude any sensory or cognitive representation of it as Object. In looking for ‘True Everything’, you must remember to include the Looking-Subject.

So what is the definition of ‘True Everything’? I am not sure. For how do you define ‘True Everything’ when when every definition of ‘True Everything’ is itself part of ‘True Everything’?

What does ‘Totality’ mean when every definition of ‘Totality’ is itself part of the ‘Totality’? We’ve got ourselves a fenced space where the fence needs to be moved further and further out as we repeatedly try to fence it in. We are firmly in the stomping-grounds of the Self-Eating Expression

You cannot think about the All, for the All includes the thinker and the ‘All’ Thought. All relationships with ‘True Everything’ can only be with thoughts of ‘True Everything’. The concept of the ‘All’.

If ‘True Nothing’ is radically exclusive, hence inexpressible except as Self-Eating Expression, ‘True Everything’ is radically inclusive and hence inexpressible except as Self-Eating Expression. For the expression ‘Everything’, includes itself.

‘True Everything’ is found when you are convinced beyond doubt that ‘True Everything’ includes its finder and all thoughts of ‘found’. It will be a Eureka-Moment. You’ll know.

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