Absurdity: ‘From Surdus-Deaf, Insensible, Untrue, Ridiculously inconsistent with Reason, Logically Contradictory, Foolish, Irrational, Preposterous.’

All pointers that orient in the direction of Shūnyam are unabashedly, in-your-face absurd. [But all absurd pointers don’t get you to Shūnyam].

If you want to get to Shūnyam you begin by cultivating a high-tolerance for all things foolish, an appreciation for sheer nonsense. And refuse to blink in the face of the patently absurd.


Irony and Absurdity are adult humor, a defining feature of maturity. Try and be ironical to a five-year old and see what happens.

We need more precise definitions of this word ‘Absurdity’ to separate it from its very loose use in common contexts. We’ll get to it with Tautology and Contradiction.

No, no, you are not thinking, you are just being logical‘ remarked Neils Bohr, a founder of Modern Physics.

How wonderful that we have [finally] met with a paradox. Now we have some [real] hope of making progress.’