Luther: The Majesty Of Conviction

martin-luther Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me. Amen.







‘Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me. Amen.’


If I had the unlikely urge to meet a Mystic, I would go to the Himalayas. I would not go to a Protestant country where the people are blessed with an uncommon common-sense. Their drivers actually follow traffic rules. Waste is perfectly segregated. You can trust their Courts, their Rule of Law.

But would Martin Luther, the founder of the Protestant Tradition, be granted a Visa today to get to a Protestant country?

Faith alone..fulfills the Law‘  he wrote, and it is through Faith that Grace descends, the redemption that is in Jesus Christ. [The idea is not original to Luther, nor did he claim it as so. It can be traced back to the days before St. Augustin and St. Paul.]

Protestantism broke from its Mother Tradition in a call to a return to Unknowing. To a life lived in ‘Unmediated Faith‘. A surrender to Divine indulgence, to Unconditional Grace. One long-lost, Dr. Luther charged, by the Roman-Orthodoxy in auctioned ritual and bartered rule.

Martin Luther [1483-1546] and Nicolaus Copernicus [1473-1543] were contemporaries and neighbors. [We’ll, almost. Wittenberg to Frombork is 700 km.] And that Luther’s allies from Germany worked to help publish Copernicus ‘ very dangerous opus’? It is part of the drama that brought the modern Age of Science to birth.