The Mystical, Magical and Miraculous


If you can skillfully mix the Absurd with the other-worldly you are in the presence of the Mystical and the Miraculous. Absurdity in kinetic three-dimensions.

‘Miracle’ [from the Latin, Mira for ‘Wonder’], is the manifestly inexplicable event. There is no religion still around that does not have the ‘Miracle’ as the main feature of attraction, the magical act as the come-hither candy.

The Mystic [from Myein, ‘To close eyes and lips’] far shortchanges the Mystery. He seeks magic in a distant vision and misses the mystery in this present view. He stands awed as water turns to wine and stands blase to the greater miracle of his next breath.


Silence‘ is red-meat for the scrounging mystical obscurantist. And his penetration of religious and philosophical literature is pervasive, damning.

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