‘Seeing Things As They Are’


The ‘Scientific Stance’ was first rigorously applied by the radical Buddhist Scholar-Monks around 500 BCE in a bid to exit the self-serving misinterpretations and the mystical obscurantism prevalent in the literature of the period.

It was called: ‘Seeing things as they are’ [Sakshat, Yatha Bhutam..] Formal Meditation Practice birthed from it, the disciplined cultivation of a tested stance to ‘See Straight’. 

To stand aloft Shūnyam, is to see without obstruction. [This is a verifiable claim going back to the early literature]. 

You might like what you see; you may not. But there is no longer any obstruction. And as long as there is a presumption of a Separated ‘Self’ there will be obstruction. 

The platform of the ‘Scientific Stance’ might yet put us back on the path to  Shūnyam. 

Watch out. The moment you describe, give features or properties to ‘Seeing Things As They Are’, you are no longer ‘Seeing Things As They Are’. The warped interpretation commonly found in modern Sanghas is to define it as the cognition of ‘Impermanence, No-Self and Suffering’. This is not what it means at all.