The Objective Reporter



So I’m watching this interview about the making of a documentary on the bomb-scarred children of Afghanistan.

‘I couldn’t take it anymore’ the lady film-maker said. ‘It was all too traumatic. So I stopped the film, brought some of the children back to the U.S. and returned to complete the documentary.’

‘Oh!’ interrupted the bright reporter ‘But didn’t that make your documentary less objective?’

As an aside, estimates of U.S. expenditure alone in the 16-year war in Afghanistan now range from around $800 Billion [with a ‘B’] to $2 Trillion. I thought this was outrageous until the lady at the counter racked up the bill for the Iraq debacle, about 3 Trillion and counting.

How many schools would that have built to replace the deranged Madrasahs? And how many Islamic clerics and warlords want to take on an irate mother late for class?

Afghanistan, now among the most violently intolerant places on the planet, was once different. I recall pictures of Afghan women wearing miniskirts in public as late as the 1960’s. The country was originally Buddhist and two of the most prominent Buddhist Scholar Monks, Asanga and Vasubandhu [circa 300 CE] were Afghans. As was the hugely popular mystic poet, Rumi.