The Bliss Of The Blessed


The best way to identify an ambitious Guru on a recruitment drive is to see if he or she is offering a payoff [or threatening a penalty for indifference]. 

The natural state of the Liberated One as interpreted in popular Hinduism is Anandam, from the root: ‘Nand‘; to Delight’, most-often translated as ‘Bliss’. Your payoff is immediate and in this very life-time [Jivanmukti]. An irresistible pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

This is in sharp contrast to teachers in most other religious faiths who wisely defer such payoffs till one gets to Heaven. The Martyr needs to get himself convincingly killed before the Koranic preacher promises him his 72 virgins [‘Houris‘]. No pre-views allowed. And the Christian, resolutely dead before sitting next to God for the rest of eternity.

In many long years, I have yet to see a Guru in any sustained state of this professed bliss of Anandam. It is a clichéd claim, found repeatedly in Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi and Christian Mystic traditions.

It is simply not true. And the error is not benign. I have known many who have chased this myth over a lifetime waiting for the cloud-burst. It has not come. It will not come.

An accomplished Meditator who has long gone past its Investigate Function can enter and exit states of exceptional Grace, even ‘Bliss’, at will. But it is limited to the Meditation State and ends with it.