Tom Wolfe


Tom Wolfe, who died May of last year at age 88 quipped:

‘I think every living moment of a human being’s life, unless the person is starving or in immediate danger of death in some other way, is controlled by a concern for status.’


Perhaps Aretha Franklin prefers ‘Respect’.

Wolfe got my attention with his ‘The Painted Word’ way back in the ’90’s, an incisive take on the New York Art Scene. You couldn’t miss him walking down Madison Avenue in his bespoke white suits [‘Neo-Pretentious’, he called it].

‘A  Satirist is just a highbrow Populist-hence his attacks on Modernist Art’-snarled the literary crowd.

Contemporary urban Indians have a more finely calibrated radar for hierarchy and status than almost any other culture I know. Wolfe would have been in tune.

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