Reifying Shūnyam


The single most frequent short-stop throughout history and across the world’s religious literature is the conceptualization and reification of True Nothing as ‘Being’.

‘Is’ is the highest abstraction possible of a Named ‘Object’.

Its sort of like the last Gas-Station on the  highway before you go over the Abyss. Most drivers stop right here, gaze admiringly at the view, and turn back.

Philosophers, Men of Religion, Mystics and the like tend to break into song and verse and solemn lecture on what a grand affair it really is. But this is not the final destination.

The centerpiece of Model is that on which the word ‘Is’ can be assigned. The beginning cut of the Two-ness Template is the division ‘Is’ and ‘Is-Not’.

Our grant of ‘Is-ness’ is our grab at playing ‘God’.


This Unformulated Principle
The Two-ness Template

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