How to be ‘Independent’


It is nearly impossible to find two events that are perfectly uncorrelated in Nature. But would you like the privilege of being uniquely ‘Independent’?

Give yourself a grant of immovable ‘Being’. You will show a correlation with all things as Zero.

Grasping and reification are ways to sustain a precarious artificial order in a conflicted world and revel in the socially sanctioned vanity of an ‘Independent Self’.

Once you are in sight of Shūnyam you can reify and grasp and squeeze your world stiff [you just will have a very hard time doing it].

We cannot really work through an example with ‘Be’ as we did with ‘Know’. It is far too close, to intimately tied-in with ‘You’. I would have to sit you through years of Meditation Practice.

But I can give enough illustrations and citations that might get you to take a another look and spot the elephant.


None of this is to be addled with such overwrought religious begats as Free-Will, Fate, Karma and so-on. There is no such thing as ‘Free-Will’. And there is no such thing as ‘Fate’. These are deeply modeled ideas, products of a restless, unrestrained religious imagination. They are, as are all modeled ideas, mounted on the uninvestigated presumption of a Separated ‘Self’.

What does Crime and Justified Punishment mean if ‘Free Will’ is not assumed?  What is casting an Election Vote mean if it does not speak your choice? These are not just abstractions for dysfunctional philosophers. They underlie the very ground of what makes a Just Society, a proper Political Order. More on these as we merrily move along.