The Mantra ‘AUM’


How does reification develop? Here is a representative example:

The Sanskrit MantraAUM‘ [the ‘Queen of Mantras’] is made-up of four elements. The beginning vowel ‘A’, the ending consonant ‘M’, and the middle ‘oo!’ They, between their stretch capture all of spoken sound and symbolically mark all ‘Expression’.

But the heart of the Mantra, the fourth element Turiya, is the unheard silence that surrounds the sound and thus makes audible the sonant expression itself [Turiya, literally, ‘The Immaculately Pure’].

Over the course of centuries, Turiya becomes conceptualized and reified to take life as a mysterious, unmanifest Being. Inscrutable connotations are imputed to ‘AUM‘ and secret formulas devised to reveal it.

In time the silence is raised up the flagpole as the source of Sound itself. And from there it is just a hop, skip and jump to formal divine status. Ready for worship; lost in meaning. Which is largely how it is today.

Properly interpreted the meaning of the symbol perfectly complements the meaning of the Symbol ‘0’. But that would be a difficult sell to its worshipers.


[Just as the symbol ‘0’ acquires ‘properties’ in the hands of Mathematicians.]