Language on Language


In the beginning was the Word’.

The World begins in Vac [Sanskrit]; Vox [Latin] ; Voice, in good old English. ‘Voice’, ‘Thought’ and ‘Know’ are the three-some that most tenaciously mark the Separated ‘Self’. The World as you know it does begin in Voice.

Any discussion on Language must be introduced with the cautionary note that you are diving headlong into the swirl of the Self-Loop.

[A caution uniformly ignored, nay dismissed, by all authors on Language, especially the scholarly ones who write the expensive 500 page tomes].

Every word written in the Posts about Language is itself in Language. Just like when you are firmly standing atop ‘Being‘ while elaborating on the nature of ‘Being’. And that is not a smart thing to do.

This is true of everything we have talked abut. You are conscious when reading the Posts on Consciousness, for example. But it is particularly true of ‘Being’ and ‘Language’ where the ground can get very slippery, very quickly.


Ideally, these two subjects should be explored within a Meditation Practice Framework. [Perhaps I’ll put-up a Video someday.]

Meanwhile, watch your step. And try not to take long leaps, however much that might impress the girls.