‘Aham Bramasmi!’


The earliest declaration, without qualifiers or compromises, which reads: ‘I am Divinity!’ is found in the Vedic canon [1,500 BCE].

Aham Bramasmi!: ‘I am Brahman’.

Short, simple, take it or leave it.


Brahman is a complicated word and is not identical with ‘Divinity’ as commonly understood; but it is close enough and will do for now. [See: ‘That‘]

But in ancient Bharat, nobody got killed for saying it. In fact, quite the opposite. It became a cliched term, a pretense at philosophical depth from the incorrigibly callow.

In today’s India the phrase ‘I am Brahman said with enough gravity and vigor will get you a supplicant crowd by lunchtime and by sunset you will be settled in the Guru-Business. And there is no business quite like it.

See: ‘Varanasi