‘The Unborn, The Unarisen’


The summary sound-bite of organized religions runs: ‘Immortality is Eternal Life’.

From the ‘In Flesh’ extreme [‘All Day Golf’] to some abstract eternal residence as Spirit by the side of God in a perfected heaven. All formal organized religions by and large offer the same plans. You pick the company and policy you like.

In the Tradition of Shūnyam there is no consoling advise proffered that you will ‘Live Forever’ [a thoroughly terrifying idea].

It is rather the issue of your claiming to have been ‘Born’ in the first place.

Staring at Shūnyam, staring as Shūnyam, things get a mite confusing. It no longer is clear what ‘Death’ means if you can’t find the file documenting your ‘Birth’.

The Unborn [Ajatham]. The Unarisen [Abhutam].

You might find yourself Immortal in spite of yourself.


The venerable Japanese Zen-Master Hakuin, at his moment of Satori: ‘How wondrous! How wondrous! There is no Birth and Death from which one has to escape; nor is there any supreme knowledge [Bodhi] after which one has to strive…all the complications [Koans] numbering 1700 are not worth the trouble of even describing.’