The Cosmic Game Afoot


The presiding presumption of the religious-minded is that something is fundamentally wrong, that there is some kind of cosmic game afoot.

God has planted you on earth to test your virtues, redeem your sins, ceaselessly praise Him [not Her, of course] since His fragile pride needs constant fortification. And so on. This is more the Abrahamic version.

The Dharmic version sees you as hopelessly wallowing in ignorance, in need of awakening, lost in the World, until someday, lo! you get it. A later version has you condemned to endless rebirths of suffering, of Karmic debt settling, until the ledger is clean.

There are numerous other versions which I look forward to laying out in later posts. The modern biologists twist for example:

Why does the gene reproduce? Because it has to compulsively replicate itself in some form or other. Why does it compulsively have to replicate itself in some form or other? Well, that’s an easy one. That’s because Nature’s primary goal happens to be Self-Preservation [well, now you know].

There is not a stitch of deceit, not a trace of lie. All is laid out, plain as daylight. There is no cosmic game afoot.