Bamian: The Loop Made Literal

Nowadays Sufism, like the mystical Jewish Kabbalah, and the parallel Hindu Bhakthi Tradition, avoids confronting the Self-Loop, settling instead to a praise of God, Goodwill and Universal Love.

As noted earlier, in High-Sufism the final stage of practice and fulfillment is termed Fana-al-Fana: ‘The Annihilation of Annihilation itself’.

A Self-Eating Expression. Naturally, Necessarily.

Sufism [Taṣawwuf ], the mystical branch of Islam, inward and esoteric, with strong Indo-Persian and Turkic roots.

There are various categories of progress towards Fana and categories within Fana itself. The usual insistence of exclusive ‘Stages of Denouement’ found in the handbook of every esoteric tradition. 

But then in counterpoint to the mystic eloquence of the Sufi are the literal and puritanical persuasions of the Indian Deobandis, Egyptian Salafists and Saudi Wahabists, political and tribal groupings more than philosophical explorers.

The expression of Namelessness isn’t always in the restrained language of the learned scribe.

The dynamiting of the 1,500 year old Buddha carvings at Bamian [March, 2001], the largest in the world, by no-less than Abdul Wali, the Taliban Minister for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice.

The demented enforcement of the decree of Namelessness, of ‘No-re-presentation’, in Literal Islam.