Tar Baby: ‘Dying To Myself’


All roads lead to True Nothing. But Shūnyam brings with it an explicit map, a long-list of false premature stops, warnings on the most slippery sections of the trek, and so on. And the terminus is unambiguously confirmable by the arrived trekker.

All other Paths, both Mystic and Orthodox, are inherently conflicted as the literature will readily show. And the terminus, mostly short-stops as a result of not having an explicitly detailed map, vary, range all over the place.

Here is my old Post on this universal ‘Mystic’s Rule’ of ‘Dying to Myself’.

This ‘Dying To Myself’ is extremely tricky business except in the most disciplined and matured hands.

A fatal loop must trip up the pilgrim who seriously wants to end it all.Drawing by E.W. Kemble from: 'The Tar-Baby', by Joel Chandler Harris, 1904

Trying to negate myself is like taking on Uncle Remus’ ‘Tar-Baby’. The harder I try to negate myself the firmer I reinforce myself as Me.

Any attempt to nullify the ‘I’ using the ‘I’, befuddles, stupefies and ultimately immobilizes the ‘I’. [A state taken by the devout as further confirmation of divine oversight.]

A displayed humility is greater hubris.

I am happy to die as long as I can be alive to watch myself doing it.

You don’t have to ‘Die to Yourself’. There simply is no ‘Independent and Separated ‘Self” there to die to.

And by the time you see that, you would have died to yourself many times over. Much more than any routine ‘Dying to Yourself’. Not to worry.