The Sophisticate’s Short-Stop


Shūnyam is not a thing, is not a process, is not a thought, is not a feeling. There is nothing outside the domain of Shūnyam.

Give it the slightest tag, [‘Always Is’-for example], you will settle for ‘True Nothing’ as ‘Being’. ‘Is’ is the highest abstraction possible of a named ‘Object’.

The single most frequent confounding across the world’s religious literature is the conceptualization and reification of ‘True Nothing’ as ‘Being’. It’s a millimeter short of Shūnyam. But in this business you miss by a millimeter, you miss by a mile.

A Modeled-Representation mounts on a platform held up by the words: ‘Is’ and ‘Is-Not’. Push any further and you exit the platform, risk tumbling down the abyss. And this is where the most intellectually sophisticated investigators say: ‘Stop! No further!’

‘Being’, like ‘Thought’ and ‘Voice’ [Language] is very, very close to our skin. A claim to ‘Being’ in any of its variants is ultimately a claim to a ‘Self’.

It is nearly impossible to find two events that are perfectly uncorrelated in Nature. But would you like the privilege of being uniquely ‘Independent’? Give yourself a grant of immovable ‘Being’. You will show a correlation with all things as Zero.

But precisely because of its nearness to our skin it is that much more difficult to give workable examples [like say ‘Consciousness’]. The best that can be done is to give a list of excerpts from famous fellow- travelers that may convince you of what I am talking about.