The Symbol ‘0’: The Natural Limit Of Inquiry


Are you still sneaking in ever more nuanced names and sophisticated abstractions, synthetic ‘Objects’ to match an absent ‘Subject’? It’s the oldest trick in the book to assure yourself that you are still around.

To not end the Inquiry in the arisen conviction of the absence of a ‘Self’ is to have not awoken to the significance of the absence of a ‘Self’ in the first place.

The [Self-Scuttling] Sight-Insight on the very nature of Sight-Insight. And the Natural Limit of Inquiry.

[‘Inquiry’ with a capital ‘I’; I am still inquiring as to why my spinach never blanches just right. If ‘Sight-Insight’ appears ambiguous, replace it with ‘Observation-Understanding’.]

The fundamental question[s] of philosophy: ‘What Is?’ and its numerous variants are no longer your question[s]. You know that to still ask them is to have not sighted Shūnyam.

It is not that the answers reveal; rather it is that the questions dissolve. And for the same reason, all proffered answers to such questions are not wrong. They are absurd.