‘I Am Not The Buddha’

Dharma Chakra Mudra
Sarnath Museum, 450 CE

If someone would for a hundred thousand eons Constantly look at the Tathagatha Without relying on Ultimate Reality But only seeing the World’s Saviour That person is attached to Form and enlarging the Net of Ignorance and Illusion Tied up to the prison of Birth and Death Deluded, he does not see the Buddha.

The Avataṃsaka Sūtra

‘I am not the Buddha’. A Self-Negating Expression of-course. Naturally. Necessarily.

‘How Deluded I Was! How Deluded Indeed!
Lift-Up The Screen and Come See The World!
‘What Religion Believest Thou?’ You Ask,
I Raise My Hossu And Hit Your Mouth.’

Chokei [Ch’ang-ch’ing Hui-ling, 853–932 CE]

The legend goes that the above ‘Moment of Enlightenment’ verse was still not considered confirmatory and Chokei had to get back on the Meditation Mat. Shūnyam would relish this verse just as it is.